xFK in 3D


xFK in 3D is a registered brand of AMC. The xFK in 3D process technology is a highly flexible, ultra-light, cost-effective and sustainable fiber composite technology that can be designed in any desired shape for winding components. It has already been implemented in a wide variety of products and applications for various industrial and market segments. The USPs and IPs focus on the design methodology - particularly for node analysis and winding plan.

xFK in 3D represents a concrete and measurable technological step towards the future of integrative lightweight construction. When the (glass, carbon, basalt and many other natural) fibers of composite materials ("xFK") are aligned according to the desired component functions and load collectives which are then realized in three dimensions ("xFK in 3D"), spatial, ultra-light structural components of high intelligence are created. The advantages of the process are multi-dimensional and range from the force- and stress-oriented fiber deposition to the minimal material waste. The highly innovative process technology thus serves environmental and climate protection, resource conservation and sustainability in equal measure. At present, xFK in 3D is certainly the lightest way to build - "Lightweight construction in its purest form".