The road to success

Rainer Kurek/Hans Kammerlander
Preface by Harald Kaiser, stern
FAZ-Book Publisher 2008, ISBN: 3-409-14336-X
€ 24,90 / CHF 44,00

What does extreme mountaineering have to do with management? A surprising amount. In direct contact with nature, it's all about real achievement, responsibility and character. No bluffing, no foaming and no diversionary tactics count here. Together with Kammerlander, Rainer Kurek dares the thematic balancing act. In their book, both of them examine the question of how top performance can be achieved on an ongoing basis and what are the risks that have to be controlled. From intense mountaineering they introduce efficiently and tested frameworks to productive and responsible management of companies. At the same time, the writers are seeking greater truthfulness in business and society.